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Hey guys I'm looking for any completed AU (as in non-magic) snarry fics you would recommend they seem really hard to find!!!

Also any snarry mpreg with harry as the pregnant one. OR any snarrys where harry ahs an eating disorder (i really dont think they'll exist!)

anyway Im new here which is why Iv posted so many requests at once - i want them as quickly as possible!!!!!!!!! j/k!!

anyway thanks to everyone!


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Hey everyone - I've been trying for months to find astory i read a while ago. It is a harry/draco fic. In it harry gets raped and beaten by Blaise Zabini and Draco goes to his aid and eventually they become close. Harry discovers that Blaise has left him pregnant (with Voldemort's child!)

Please help iv been trying to find it for so long!!


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